15 Mom And Dad Zodiac Mash-Ups That Make The Worst Babies

Using astrology to sort out our personality traits and help us understand ourselves better is a fun get-to-know-yourself activity with surprising results. Sometimes it can answer a lot of our questions about ourselves and fill in some self-knowledge gaps. And while we’re dating and looking for the one, looking up someone else’s sign can be very enlightening as to their puzzling behavior or why we clicked when the odds were against it working out.


While this is fun and all, it can also be taken a step further. How will our partner respond as a parent and what kind of kids will we produce based solely on our signs mashing up? For the most part, our sign pairings will generally produce pretty good kids overall with those minor annoyances common to kids, and adults! But there are a few exceptions to this rule and it’s good to be aware of creating some difficult offspring or family situations. Aside from getting online and doing some exhaustive and extensive research into every possibility available, we’ll stick with having a latte and reading through this nice short list of the worst offspring the sign combos can create together. If we already created some of these monsters, then a trip to the alcohol aisle on the way home might be a good idea.



I’m Not Eating That!


We’ll start off with a fairly easy one. We all know that toddlers can be very picky eaters, but the toddlers with a Virgo and a Gemini as their parents are extra picky. At their worst, Gemini is restless and easily distracted which means late meals or weird meals — and they hate routines which toddlers thrive on, so a guaranteed lunch at noon every day is a hit-and-miss occurrence.


On their worst days, Virgo is critical, uptight and easily overwhelmed so making dinner for picky eaters can be a real trial for them. Plus, they like things nice and neat so the messy habits of the toddler can be stressful. On top of that, their sign rules over the digestive system and both signs are very decisive. If that carrot isn’t good, it’s not happening.


Leave Me Alone


If we’ve had teenagers, we know how moody and un-fun they can be. The offspring of Cancer and Virgo are often very moody from a young age and it never really goes away so prepare for some very emotional household moments as we raise our prodigy to adulthood. We already know that Virgo is critical and easily overwhelmed; the stress of hauling a sobbing toddler through the supermarket can be extra trying for this parent, and a cocktail will be required.


Cancer is already pretty emotional and tends toward uncommunicative and hypersensitive on their bad days which won’t help with a tantrum. Post-meltdown they’ll be a bit more helpful in their initial reaction. But this child watches, so take care with your reaction towards his or her behavior.


And Snap!


Leo is a powerhouse and Scorpio is alright till crossed and then it’s horrifying how aggressive they’ll turn. The children of these two signs often end up being very short-tempered. On their worst days, Leo is coldhearted, arrogant, jealous and very aggressive which can come out in parenting if they perceive a child’s behavior as a challenge.


Scorpio is obsessive, possessive, vengeful and manipulative so if they have a grudge against their Leo spouse, they can often pit the child against the other parent. And they will have the fine art of the dreaded guilt trip down to a fine point. Raised in such a volatile household, it’s no wonder that the children will have a short fuse and face communication difficulties as they age. Both parents are loyal, so they’ll always have the child’s back in the end.




Just Go To Sleep Please


Every parent knows the struggle of getting that cute new baby to sleep through the night and then stay in their own beds as they get older. The children of a Libra and Sagittarius will have an extra difficult time because they will turn out to be a difficult sleeper. Sagittarius on their bad days are argumentative, flaky and hate rules and routines (though, ironically, they secretly long to make the rules). This can result in bedtime being set at random times which is never a good way to sleep-train pesky kids.


Libra can be indecisive, manipulative, lenient and don’t like going to sleep anyways. So, when their child begs to stay up late, they’ll probably give in and further mess up the nightly routine. This all produces difficult sleepers.


I’ve Got Anxieties!


The children of a Capricorn and a Leo will often end up being very anxious children. They’ll stress themselves out over the littlest things and fear parental discipline for innocent mistakes. Since Leo already has aggression issues, the risk of Leo blowing up over spilled milk is a legitimate concern and should be looked into further.


Capricorn is pessimistic, unforgiving and really hate careless mistakes so they’ll likely respond to the spill in a very cold manner and won’t let their child forget they once spilled milk. Both parents should stop and respond calmly to any situation involving their anxious child. Reassure the baby that it was a simple mistake and they aren’t in deep trouble. An anxious child can have a very hard time, and no one needs that level of stress in their lives.


I’m Not Irrational


The children of Cancer and Aquarius are often very irrational. The things that upset them won’t make sense to others, and they’ll frequently change their minds or refuse to reach a decision for personal reasons. Cancer already has communication and competition issues as well as hating to feel rushed which can create a confusing atmosphere.


Meanwhile, Aquarius is detached, self-destructive, irrational and hates having to choose just one thing from a shiny selection of things. Hence why their kids will probably have trouble communicating their wants and needs as they get older and will fly off the handle for the weirdest reasons. The signs make good siblings though and are very caring toward others. They’re just not the best parents around.


Let’s Burn This Place Down


The offspring of a Scorpio and an Aries is a very angry child. With two powerhouses for parents, who can blame them for being so wrathful themselves? When Scorpio and Aries battle each other, it’s total chaos and words are exchanged as well as furniture thrown or broken in fits of rage. With such a destructive communication pattern on display, children will be fearful and then angry, sensing that only anger and aggression will be understood and tolerated. It’s not a pretty picture of future communication issues.


Aries is unstoppable, bold, bossy and self-centered while Scorpio is passionate, jealous, vengeful and wants full control. Separately or paired with someone who balances out their qualities, these signs can be amazing. But together, they’re a disaster waiting to happen with children as the casualties.


Raising A Critic


The children of a double Virgo pairing grow up to be critical people, which will impact their own relationships and child-rearing efforts. Already critical and uptight themselves, Virgos hate imperfection and will clean or organize something till it’s perfect. Anything less than that high standard will be criticized and with no one acting as a buffer, having two critical parents will raise a critical child with self-esteem issues and a cleaning obsession that no one else understands.


Training themselves first to let the innocent efforts of their children go is step one to becoming a good Virgo parent. With time, children can be trained into doing a job perfectly but only if it’s allowed to happen in stages with mistakes and plenty of praise thrown in for encouragement purposes.


Neglected Baby Mine


When a Leo pairs up with another Leo, things get very interesting very fast. Throw in some kids, and we’ve got our very own private drama to watch. Leo is the drama queen of the signs; she secretly wants to rule the world. They’re arrogant, jealous and aggressive, always seeking the gold medal instead of the silver one.


Pairing these two up creates an environment of competition for the dominant ruler of the household and their pursuit of whatever goal they’ve set their eyes on for that week. This leaves the kids neglected. They can be generous and loving at times, but these moments of attention are fleeting. This will only add fuel to the fire of their children who will grow up seeking the attention mom and dad never gave to them.


The Lazy Child


When a Scorpio and a Taurus get together, things can be pretty fun for a while but in the long run, they’re not a great buffer for each other’s lesser qualities and the offspring they produce will likely be very lazy creatures. Taurus is already naturally lazy, a bit cheap and very, very stubborn so if they decide something needs to be cleaned or not cleaned, nothing will change their mind about it.


Meanwhile, Scorpio is more focused on being in control (resulting with fights with the laid-back Taurus), taking things apart to see how they work (translation: making a mess for Taurus to maybe clean) and being obsessed over things. They’re also very jealous. So, the example of one lazy parent paired with a very absorbed parent isn’t a great one for their kids.


A Master Manipulator


The child of a double Libra pairing will grow up to be a master manipulator which isn’t necessarily a good thing. For starters, they’ll probably start practicing on their parents at a very young age. One of Libra’s chief failings as a parent is being too lenient and giving into their children’s whiny demands too easily. Anything to forestall that meltdown in the market, right?


Usually paired with another sign that doesn’t give in so easily, Libra can be an awesome parent. But with a double dose of leniency, the child will be able to get away with just about anything they ask for. Sometimes Libra can be pretty firm in some areas but weak in others, and their child will know this and play the parents off of each other to achieve the desired end result.


What Selfish People!


Pairing up a Taurus with a Sagittarius results in a set of very selfish parents which is never a good thing for any children involved. Taurus is cheap, lazy and secretly want to own the best of everything. Sagittarius is dedicated, overconfident, argumentative, reckless and secretly want to make all the rules. They have the follow-through to work hard and shower Taurus with lots of money and pretty things while Taurus enjoys the attention and pursues the best of everything.


This doesn’t leave a lot of room or time for properly raising well-adjusted adults — resulting in their children vying for their parents’ attention or having to settle for shiny gifts of money or extravagant treats instead of personal attention. This usually results in some long-term communication and self-esteem issues for the kids later on in life.


Very Spoiled Princess


A double dose of Aquarius parenting usually results in some very spoiled offspring. Aquarius is detached, self-destructive, irrational and hates injustice. They secretly want to experience total freedom and parenting is about the exact opposite of that elusive sensation. Paired with other signs, they have potential to be great parents, but when left to their own devices and each other, they’re not so great. They can either shower their kids with gifts and love or neglect them for hours at a time.


What they usually end up doing is giving their kids way too much freedom and not setting enough clear boundaries — resulting in their children getting away with just about anything and a few broken bones thrown in for good measure. A freedom-based parenting style only works on paper.


A Resentful Heart


The offspring of a Gemini and Aquarius pairing will grow up to be a resentful person usually directing their emotions toward their parents. When Aquarius with their irrationalities and pursuit of absolute freedom is paired up with Gemini’s judgmental and restless pursuit of having all the answers, things can turn ugly. Gemini will want to know everything about what Aquarius has been up to which will feel stifling to the freedom-loving sign and result in fights and long periods of no communication.


The children will sit there watching all of this unfold, wishing that Gemini would lighten up for a change and Aquarius would settle down and give Gemini a good reason to actually trust them. The resentment will fester and eat away at the children, throwing a shadow over their own relationships.


I’m Just So Confused


The children of Leo and Pisces will grow up to be rather confused individuals, often unable to really narrow down their choices or pinpoint why they’re so confused all the time. We already know that Leo is a powerhouse with aggressive cold-hearted tendencies and a desire to rule the world.


Pisces is softer, more gullible with clingy and self-destructive tendencies paired with a desire to find unconditional love. They’ll be drawn to the power of the Leo but won’t have a strong enough backbone to really keep up with their partner, and they’ll always be a touch out of tune with reality. The results are some very confused children who don’t know if they’re supposed to dominate the world or just let things go and find true love instead. Meanwhile, their parents will probably have dissolved into fights over similar issues.


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