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20 Kids Toys Still On The Market… But Should They Be?

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March 18, 2019 | Blog

Children light up our lives. We love to treat them when we can. Most of the time, this comes in the form of toys. We watch commercials on television and look at all of the catalogs while listening to the little one talk about the new cool toy that their best friend just got. Many of us want to make sure that they have the latest and greatest toys. This can occasionally come with a bit of a price, other than the actual monetary cost.


Toys can be dangerous, whether we realize it or not. While many of us have seen the age advisements on the sides of toy boxes and the cautionary words saying that there may be small parts with the toy. Sometimes, the toys are still incredibly dangerous. The risk of the toy can outweigh the fun and the benefits of the toys. Sometimes, reports are done on these toys, but they still do not get recalled, despite the injuries they can cause.


We want our children to be safe, so now we have to do our due diligence in order to make sure these kids stay safe. These are just some of the toys still on the market that are dangerous!


Trampolines Leave Kids With Broken Bones

Many of us grew up with trampolines in our own backyards or in a friend’s backyard. These springy toys help us jump higher and do crazy tricks and flips. According to List 25, a trampoline is one of the most dangerous toys that we can buy our loved ones.


Whether they have a net or not, people can fall off of the trampoline while jumping. The springs can break and the bottom can fall through, or the flips can cause injuries. Physicians and insurance agencies recommend against having trampolines since they can cause so many injuries- from broken bones to death.


Fidget Spinners Can Cause Choking

Fidget Spinners became incredibly trendy in 2017. They were initially designed to help people with issues with attention keep their attention in school and work. They started getting banned from classrooms and other children’s areas due to the distractions that they can cause.


Good Housekeeping reports that some of the Fidget Spinners that are being sold are not labeled with their potential safety risks. They have small parts that can pop out and become a choking hazard for children. This comes from the circles in which children put their fingers in. The gears come out and can become a problem.


Nerf Guns Can Shoot Your Eye Out

Nerf Guns have been classic toys over the years. Generally shooting out foam darts or arrows with plastic on the end, children often use these to battle each other.


According to Good Housekeeping, these arrows and darts can cause extreme injury to the face. They often launch at fast speeds, making the force of the impact much stronger than if the arrow or dart was alone. If a child was hit in the eye, it could potentially do unrepairable damage to the eye. It can also cause a variety of other bodily injuries, especially depending on how close the target it.


Itty Bittys Fit Right In The Throat

Children love bright toys that allow them to stack them one on top of the other. Generally speaking, these toys tend to be fun for children. When Hallmark released stackable Itty Bittys, they did not include an age range on the toy, as per Good Housekeeping. Not only was their no age, but also no hazard warning.


It was eventually discovered that the fabric covering the Itty Bitty, especially hats or bows on the characters, could get ripped off easily and would become a choking hazard. Even after a recall, the product was still being sold online. Even regular Itty Bitty toys pose a threat to children that put things in their mouth.

Drones Can Cause A Variety Of Injuries

Drones are becoming hit toys with children. Some drones are made just for the sake of watching them fly, while others have cameras and can record or take pictures while they are in the air. Time discussed the Spider-Man Drone by Marvel and the specific danger that posed, although most drones pose a similar danger.


In order to fly, most drones have rotating blades to help them catch air. These blades, especially while rotating, can cause injuries to fingers, eyes, and a variety of other limbs. These cuts can be dangerously deep in some cases, especially for younger children.


This Elephant Pillow Could Suffocate Your Little One

Many of us know that babies are not meant to have pillows. Babies should have as little in their cribs as possible to avoid any kind of suffocation or strangulation. According to WATCH’s Report Card, an elephant pillow was being made and distributed by Kids Time and was being sold online. The target market for this group was both infants and children.


Naturally, this put little ones at a huge risk for suffocation. To add insult to injury WATCH’s Report Card says that the toy was being advertised as a way for baby to be left alone. This is not safe, but it is still being sold.


Play Family Figurines Are Not Friendly For Young Children


Fisher-Price tends to be known for their Little People figurines. These cute little figures often come in a variety of forms, from families and animals to princesses. Unfortunately, these figures are not safe for little children.


According to WATCH’s Report Card, the figurines are too small for young children. They can fit in a child’s mouth and can stop their ability to breathe. They even have documented cases of death. Instead of recalling these, Fisher-Price has pushed more of them out, making them just slightly bigger as a faint attempt to end the choking. These figures still pose great danger.


Easy Bake Ovens Are A Burn Risk

Easy Bake Ovens have been on the market for decades. Often times, they are targeted for young girls, although they have recently started being targeted towards boys by incorporating colors like blue. According to WATCH’s Report Card, this toy has been a danger since it was put on the market by Hasbro.


There have been many instances in which children have gotten severe burns by putting their hands into the backing chamber, by grabbing the baked good when it is finished, or by getting their hands stuck in the opening. Despite several recalls, there is still a great risk for burns with this infamous toy.


Wonder Woman’s Sword Can Cause Major Injury

Fake swords have been a part of playing make-believe for decades. As time progresses, these swords are being made more and more realistic. They are built from strong plastic and are often heavier than they have been in the past and feature very pointed edges.


According to Good Housekeeping, the Wonder Woman sword is particularly dangerous, although most swords are today. This sword allegedly promoted violence with what was written on the packaging. The strong tip and sharp blades can cause injury, especially to the facial area. Since the plastic is getting better and better, the blade has sharp edges and the point is reinforced not to bend, making injury easier.


Big Wheel Tricycles Are Not Road Safe

Many children dream of the day when they will be able to ride down the road on their Big Wheel tricycle. Over the years, it has become a right of passage. These plastic tricycles are not as hard to ride as bikes and have a cool look to them with their big plastic wheels and low rider type of frame.


According to WATCH’s Report Card, these toys are incredibly dangerous. Since they are made to be driven on pavement, these low to the ground tricycles are hard to see for regular cards. This puts children at danger for getting hit or run over by a motor vehicle, leading to severe injury, if not death.


Pull Along Toys Are A Strangulation Risk

Pull along toys are classic toys that started gaining popularity decades ago. Whether they are wooden or plush, they have often been gifted to toddlers to help give them something to do while they are learning to walk. They are often in the shape of pets to make them cute and fun.


According to CBS News, pull along toys come with a great risk for strangulation. The long strings or ropes that are attached to the toys can easy get wrapped around the child’s neck and throat, therefore stopping their breathing. In some cases, the wheels pop off and can be swallowed, therefore causing choking.


Kick Flippers Are Skateboards Without Wheels But With All The Danger

Kick Flippers have become popular in the past couple of years. Many parents have considered them to be the safer alternative to a skateboard. These pieces of plastic help children learn how to do a variety of skateboarding tricks, without having to use a skateboard at a skatepark.


Unfortunately, CBS News reports that these toys are considered dangerous. The children in the advertisements were not depicted with helmets or other protective gear, making it seem safe to use them without anything. This toy can cause injuries like skateboards when protective gear is not used. It also encourages some dangerous stunts.


Doctor Sets With Tongue Depressors May Require A Real Doctor

Doctors’ sets have been hit toys through the ages. These toys encourage children to act like doctors and understand what a doctor does, potentially igniting the spark for them to pursue a career in medicine. These toys can create hours of playtime for a child with family or stuffed animals.


Many doctors’ sets have started including flat tongue depressors for throat examination. According to CBS News, the tongue depressor is short and can be swallowed by the child or whoever they are fake examining. This can block the airway entirely, potentially leading to brain injury or death due to oxygen deprivation.


Hoverboards Crash And Burn

Hoverboards became a hit gift over the past few years. While they may not be classified as a toy, many parents and children consider them to act as toys. These boards require the user to stand up on the board in order to move. This alone can cause injury in case of a crash, especially if the child is not wearing protective gear.


According to Kids In Danger, another issue that has occurred is that these hoverboards have become known to spontaneously burst into flame. This could be while a child is riding it or while it is charging. This can cause severe burns on a child.

Singing Magnets Can Cause Internal Injuries

Some of the toys that children find the most enjoyable can be simple. Something that has become popular over the year involves magnets. Generally, singing magnets consist of two oblong magnets that are connected. When separated, they are thrown into the air and click together, making fun sounds.


According to US PIRG, these magnets are known for being incredibly strong. Since they are small enough to be swallowed, there have been cases in which they have been swallowed. The magnetic power in them can cause damage to several different organs and systems, as can the size of the magnets.


The Peg Game Is A Choking Nightmare

The Peg Game is a game that our grandparents even may have played. These old-fashioned games are becoming prevalent again today, as parents and children are taking a turn away from technology. The Peg Game involves a triangular board with holes in it that gets filled with pegs that look like golf tees.


According to US PIRG, the pegs are a danger to children, especially if they get swallowed by the child. There are also sharp ends that can penetrate organs and get them stuck in the wind pip. Since this game is recommended for ages three and up, there is still a great chance of these pegs getting swallowed.


Water Balloons Are Dangerous When Swallowed

Water balloons tend to be a classic part of summer. Neighborhoods may have major water balloon fights or even just family water balloon fights. Unfortunately, this can come with a price. According to US PIRG, balloons are required to feature warnings on them because of the choking hazards that they can cause.


In many cases, these water balloons say they are made for ages three and up. These means a young child may be trying to blow up a balloon and they may inhale it. Also, some balloons are made from latex and can do damage to anyone with a latex allergy, landing them in the hospital.


Slingshots For Water Balloons Can Cause Trauma

To help with water balloon fights, the water balloon slingshot was created. This is very similar to a regular slingshot, with an elastic band that gets pulled back to launch the filled water balloon.


According to WATCH, these slingshots can cause trauma to the body due to the force from the elastic. It can ricochet and hit the user in the eye, even without a water balloon. If the elastic breaks, it can also be choked on by a young child. Launching a water balloon at someone can also be incredibly painful for them, making it dangerous for everyone involved.


Slip ‘N Slides Pose Multiple Life-Threatening Risks

Slip ‘N Slides were a huge hit for 90s children and continue to get recreated and updated for today’s children. Many parents in the 90s were hesitant about whether or not their children could use the Slip ‘N Slide. According to WATCH, these toys were designed specifically for the height and age range that they put on the box.


Often times, children and adults beyond this size use them and can get severely injured. Some of the injuries have been as extreme as paralysis. Diving headfirst onto something slippery is a scary experience as it is, without knowing these risks.


Kiddie Pools Are A Huge Risk In The Summer

Kiddie pools are often used in the summer or in hotter parts of the world to help keep children and animals cool. These pools are often shallow and made of slippery plastic. Many people do not realize that there is still a drowning risk with these small pools, according to WATCH.


Children can drown in two inches of water, meaning if they fall in one of these pools, the could drown. It is also easy for a child to fill these up or access it unsupervised, making it even more dangerous. Even if there is rainwater in them, the child can get injured seriously.


Sources: List 25, Good Housekeeping, Time, WATCH Report Card, CBS News, Kids In Danger, US PIRG, US PIRG, WATCH

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