25 Baby Names Inspired By Mother Nature

One of the most important duties we have as parents is to find the right name for our baby. Sometimes the perfect name just rolls right off the tongue in a moment of inspiration. Other times, we have absolutely no worries on this score because we have had baby’s name picked out since we were eight. Done, check, moving onto picking out a solid crib. Some of us decide to name baby after a family member which makes spelling a bit easier to sort out—”It’s spelled exactly the way you spelled my brother’s name, mom!”


For everyone else, name picking can be a huge task. We might make lists of our favorite names in our Bullet Journal and jot down any unusual or neat names we hear as we go through our day. Or we buy a big baby name book and start thumbing through then get overwhelmed halfway through and wish we could have a glass of wine to relax but instead we have to settle for Oreos and Netflix. Don’t worry mama, we are here to help. This is a handy list of 25 baby names inspired by Mother Nature (you can’t get much more natural than that). So print it out, highlight your favorites and leave it taped passive-aggressively to your partner’s steering wheel so he can find it later.

Girl Power



For a good strong name for a winter girl, you can’t do much better than Storm. It has a feel of force and power behind it with a nice feminine visual appeal and you can get dad on board by saying it’s an X Men name. The Bump says, “Storm as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Storm), is pronounced storm. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Storm is ‘tempest’.” The best part is that if baby turns out to be a boy, you can still use the same name.




Autumn is a season and doubles as a beautiful name for a baby girl. Mom Junction says, “If your daughter was born during the fall, naming her Autumn will be apt! Autumn, the season of fall, is a subject of many poems! Even if your little one is not a fall baby, Autumn is still a great nature-inspired girl name!” If you really want to mess with people, name your spring baby Autumn. After all, Autumn is just another spring.




The name of June invokes the picture of a sweet innocent girl on a lovely summer’s day. Coincidently, Summer also makes a great girl’s name, just like Autumn. June was popular in the 1920s then dropped off the map before recently reemerging as a popular middle name. To further the rise of this name, why not have it as a first name? According to Babble, “Perfect for a summer baby, or an anytime baby, June refers to not only the month typically known as the bridal month, but to a Roman goddess, Juno, who was the protectress of women and marriage.”




If you want your little girl to feel like a princess and have a classy, elegant name with a soft refined sound, look no further than Pearl. Babble says, “Pearl; birthstone for the month of June that is said to impart health and wealth.” Every parent wants health and wealth for their children. If Pearl isn’t quite right, you can always pick something different. Pearls are semi-precious gemstones and other names in the same vein are Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and Quartz.




For a truly unique name for a one of a kind baby girl, look no further than Sequoia. According to Mom Junction, “Looking for an exotic nature inspired baby girl name? Try Sequoia! The sequoia trees are amongst the largest in the world. These trees are epitome of all the royalty of nature.” Sequoia is a girl who is fearless and going places all on her own with nothing holding her back. Plus this name pairs well with common and uncommon surnames beautifully.




Juniper is a lovely red winterberry in some parts of the world (you can’t eat it though) and often adds a much-needed splash of color to the grey and white canvas of winter. According to Mom Junction, “Juniper comes from the Latin juniperus. This name has a wonderful meaning as juniperus means young to produce or evergreen. It defines the spirit of youth. Now, wouldn’t we want our kids to be forever young?” For a nickname, June or Junny could work. She would definitely be unique.




If you’re into astrology but the names Star and Venus have already been taken, then Luna might be a good option for you. Plus having a baby named Moon is a little over the top for us non-celebrities. According to The Bump, “There’s something sweet and charming about a girl called Luna. In Roman mythology, she was the goddess of the moon, often shown driving a white chariot across the sky—clearly a brave and independent spirit. The Romans revered Luna since the moon helped them calculate time.” It can also be a nice nod to Harry Potter.




If you like water and want something that reflects that in baby’s name, then River is a good choice. Plus it will get your man on board if he is a Doctor Who fan. According to Mom Junction, “The river reflects the flow of life and its thirst for the ocean. For a baby girl, it is a name that shows her parents’ endless love!” This name doesn’t really work if your last name is Pond though so be advised. Other watery names include Rain, Ocean and Misty.




Sometimes finding the right nature-inspired baby name is tough. Tree, Shrub and Branch just don’t cut it for a girl. But Willow has a nice ring to it. As The Bump says, “It brings to mind a long-limbed, lissome tree with a sweeping canopy of green leaves that stands out in a field. What parent doesn’t think their beloved child stands out from the crowd? The word, which has English roots, translates to ‘slender’ or ‘graceful.’” That sounds like the perfect name for a tall slender girl.




Sierra brings to mind the rocky mountain range in Northern California for many people. It has a nice fresh frosty air feel to it with a whisper of the inner strength that comes from mountains. As The Bump puts it, “Super-popular in the 1980s and 1990s, Sierra comes from the Spanish word for a mountain range with a meaning that’s based on the mountains’ saw-toothed appearance. It’s a fitting choice for parents who want a nature-inspired name, and the touch of Western flavor gives it some edge.”




For a really unique fruity name, Cherry is perfect. Babble says it is a variation of Charity and means, “Cherry fruit, bright red.” You could also use Apple, Berry or Candy though technically Candy isn’t a fruit name. But there are fruit flavored candies out there and they are all very sweet so it fits the theme in that regard. Cherry is also a great way to add a spot of cheer and color to a dull winter day for an overdue winter baby.




For many people, nothing says nature quite like the months that make up the whole year. April is a very popular girls’ name and can make remembering her birthday a little bit easier. “April, born in April. We have to go birthday shopping honey!” According to Babble, the origins are Latin and it means, “Opening up, evocative of the opening of flower buds in the spring; born in or belonging to the month April.” In the same vein are names like January, May, June and November.




Jostling for position among all the Violets, Daisys, Poppys and Tulips of the world are the Roses. Queen of the flowers as well as names, Rose is a classic name with a rich history and will suit any girl. The Bump says, “A thorny dilemma: choosing a flower name from all the lovely possibilities. If you hadn’t considered Rose, add it to the list. A delicate, fragrant bloom that’s a favorite of brides (the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is often portrayed with roses), the name has a long history of being a favorite of the entertainment industry.”


Let’s Hear It For The Boys



Similar to how girls are named after seasons, boys can and often are named after the four basic directions. West and North are the most popular. East and South just don’t quite cut it for a solid boys’ name. But that’s okay; we have plenty to work with here. According to Mom Junction, “This English and German name stands for someone who lived in the west. It is quite popular.” If you like both names, try combining them into Northwest for a really outstanding name.




For a little boy, dragons are all the rage right now and nothing would be cooler than to be named Dragon. Since that idea might get shot down, try Drake instead. It means dragon and is a popular off-beat name with deep roots. According to The Bump, “This easy-to-pronounce, straightforward baby name has been around forever: In the seventh century, it was a nickname for someone who was tough and fearsome. As a surname, it gained cred from Francis Drake, a daring English explorer in the 16th century.”




Similar to how girls are named after pretty gemstones like Coral, Pearl and Opal, boys get names like Jasper. According to Babble, Jasper has a few different meanings, “French: Ornamental stone, brown, beige or red in color; also a variant of Caspar. Persian: Treasurer.” Jasper is a strong name for a boy and pairs well with plenty of surnames. Now all you have to do is find a sturdy middle name and you’re all set! If you have twins, Casper rhymes with Jasper.




Clay is a British name dating back to the 1400s (so very old and historic) and is a lot better than naming your son Dirt or Dusty. Clay is a versatile material capable of great change and great strength. According to The Bump, “Clay as a boy’s name is of Old English origin. Occupational or place name involving clay; short form of Clayton.” There is a very earthy quality to this name and will help keep your boy grounded in life.




For a good solid boys’ name that also reflects an aspect of nature in some form or another, you can’t go too wrong with Bear. Fox, Hawk, Robin and Jay are also similar choices. According to The Bump, it means, “Bear as a boy’s name is of Old French and Old German origin meaning ‘strong and brave bear’.” Most little boys will probably be tickled to be named after such a big fierce creature.




If the ideal boy name is eluding you — and you really like fires, smoke, and wood, but don’t like the name Woody — and think calling your little boy Fire is a bit much, then Blaze might be the name for you. It has a lovely warm sound with a zap of energy that perfectly suits boys and it brings to mind burning fires. The meaning is a bit anticlimactic, however, as The Bump says, “Blaze as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Blaze), is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Blaze is ‘stutter’.”




For a really earthly nature name, look no further than Forest. In a forest, there are trees, shrubs, bushes, birds and lots of squirrels. You can summarize all of that wildlife with one simple and short name, Forest. Of course, Babble points out a potential flaw, “Forest hails from Old French origins and means—what else—‘woodsman’ or ‘wood.’ And even though the spelling is more into the woods than Gump, for many people, this name will just bring to mind the phrase, ‘Run, Forrest, run!’ (But don’t worry, kids today will have no idea what that refers to.)”




Flint might be the skinny guy from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs but it is a name with a sturdy backbone and a rock solid history to back it up. This is a good name if you liked Jasper but your man shot it down and you’re still set on not calling the baby, “The Little Rock! It’ll be great dear!” According to Mom Junction, “An out-and-out English name, this means ‘a stream’.” Plus when the baby is older, you can get him a flint for his birthday.




For your firstborn boy or perhaps the only boy in a gaggle of sisters, you really want a strong solid name and Basil is exactly that along with a hint of royalty. It is a classic name with a rich history. Babble says that it means, “Kingly: Saint Basil the Great was a fourth-century bishop who was one of the fathers of the early Christian church. This was also the name of two Byzantine emperors.” And if people get fussy, just tell them you named your son after your favorite herb.




With a focus on the solar system and planet Mars in the works thanks to Elon Musk’s intention of putting a man on the red planet, the name of Mars will soon become a popular choice and not for any of the old classical reasons. According to The Bump, “Mars as a boy’s name; mythology: the classical god of war.” Jupiter, Zeus and Hermes are similar but not necessarily nature-inspired.




In the same vein as Robin and Wren, there is another popular boys’ name that features birds and it is Hawk. Unlike some of the other bird names, however, Hawk is based off a bird of prey and the ferocity bleeds into the name—making this perfect for a strong-willed warrior. According to Babble, it means, “Hunting bird; when this name was created, hunting with hawks was considered an aristocratic sport.” A boy named Hawk can almost literally soar in life.




Back in the Medieval days, swords were made from iron and steel. You wanted a strong sharp sword by your side at all times and a good swordsman was hard to come by. Nowadays, good solid men are hard to come by so why not give your boy an edge in life and name him Steel? According to The Bump, “Steel as a boy’s name is related to the Old English name Steele. The meaning of Steel is ‘like steel’.”


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