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Join The BIRTH Circle, a pregnancy community that provides support and evidence-based information for a natural and safe birth. We aim to help pregnant women connecting each other, with the certainty of getting the childbirth they've always wanted.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a mother's life, when you feel deeply connected to the life you carry in your womb and at peace with yourself, knowing that you are already creating a first bond with your wonderful baby…

...Or, at least, we would like it to be that way.

Unfortunately, real life is filled with doubts, fears, and insecurities that never truly leave us, especially when we are giving birth for the first time.

Childbirth is often described as a special moment (and for some people, it is), but when the moment arrives, reality hits us like a wall.

Did you know that many doctors create actual "time schedules" to determine how much time to allocate to each woman giving birth?

Not a second more!

This means that even if you are not fully prepared, you may find yourself subjected to labor induction or, even worse, a c-section, which is a notably invasive and often unnecessary procedure…

All of this, simply because the doctor assigned to you does not have enough time to ensure a smooth and natural birth.

"But if it's really as you say, why do so many women giving birth continue to consent to such procedures?" you might be wondering…

Try to imagine for a moment that you are in full labor. You are in pain, scared, and worried about your baby's well-being...

That's when the doctor enters and recommends a c-section.

You know you don't want it, but at the same time, you hesitate to contradict the doctor because, after all, they hold a medical degree, right?

So, even though you know you are in the right, uncertainty or intimidation might lead you to go along with it.

You find yourself undergoing an invasive and unnecessary procedure, filled with regret that you could have acted differently, and hope that you can potentially make a different choice with your next child.

Many women are forced to resort to unnecessary practices, deny valid alternatives simply because they are not offered, and risk complications during childbirth because they have not yet determined what is best for them.
I'm here to tell you that all of this must stop, and the time has come to say NO. 
I'm here to explain HOW to do it.

But before we proceed, who am I to talk to you about this?

Hello my dear friend,

my name is Dani Lasher

and I'd like to share more about myself and my story with you.

Today, I'm a mother of five children, so I've been through the experience multiple times.

However, my first pregnancy was challenging from a psychological perspective. 

It made me realize just how crucial support from those who've already gone through it is.

I explored various communities and, as I conversed with numerous expectant mothers, I started to notice a certain gap in the way they approached childbirth.

That's when I decided...To take action.

The most glaring gap within my community members was a lack of information.

It's why I always emphasize to my fellow mothers, 'You don’t know what you don’t know.'

But then the question arises, who can provide us with this crucial pregnancy information?

The concept of The BIRTH Circle sprang from the very intention of creating a safe haven where mothers could not only find support such as when they share their pregnancy outcome, but also more importantly, discover answers to their questions about pregnancy.

The fear of childbirth can be conquered simply by becoming better informed and uncovering the profound beauty that lies behind natural childbirth.


The BIRTH Circle is more than just a gathering of like-minded individuals; it's a veritable treasure trove for expectant mothers

Alongside expert guidance on a multitude of natural childbirth topics, spanning from pre-birth to post-birth phases, you'll gain access to a wealth of content.

Occasionally, we'll even offer brief, single-topic courses, but our primary objective isn't to transform The BIRTH Circle into a formal course…

Our aim is to provide pregnancy information that you won't find elsewhere, ensuring our mothers attain a level of security and confidence that goes beyond the ordinary.

Did you purchase what you thought was the best pregnancy book out there?

Well, you can toss it in the bin or use it as an ornament.

Why am I sharing this with you? As you are probably aware, a significant portion of the information found in books and on many websites is incomplete or uncorrect, which could lead you to view reality from an inaccurate perspective.

You need someone to provide you with a genuine understanding of how things truly are, and that's precisely our mission.

Every single piece of information, every article, and every post published in The BIRTH Circle community is firmly grounded in scientific evidence.

This will enable you to finally resolve your doubts and solidify your convictions in a clear and effective manner.

As a result, you will be equipped to make a fully informed choice, not just for yourself but also for your impending baby, without feeling pressured when confronted with your doctor's suggestions.

You will uncover what's best for you and discover the right alternatives to achieve the birthing experience you desire.

However, The BIRTH Circle isn't solely about information; it's also a platform for sharing experiences.

Often, even when we understand that saying "No" is the correct course of action and aligns with our best interests, we struggle to do so.

We may feel isolated in our decisions.

Knowing that there are at least a hundred pregnant women who have experienced situations just like yours or who encountered challenges because they didn't decline consent when needed will undoubtedly provide you with the encouragement you require.

Being a part of The BIRTH Circle means more than just access to information; it's about sharing stories and drawing strength from the experiences of other mothers who, like you, are on this incredible journey.

Not convinced yet? If you sign up for our community, you'll enjoy complimentary access to our bonus feature: Free entry into our Facebook group of nearly 40,000 natural birthing mothers.

It's a space where mothers can connect with birth professionals and fellow moms who've encountered similar challenges, offering valuable support and insights for our shared journey.


What doctors often don't disclose:

  • In the United States, c-sections are performed in 31% of cases. However, numerous studies suggest that only 10% of women actually require them.
  • Doctors face pressure from insurance companies to promote medicalized births, even when it's unnecessary. Consequently, they frequently act in their own self-interest. Misleading statistics are sometimes presented to pregnant women to induce fear, coercing them into certain procedures.
  • Only a small percentage of doctors in America receive comprehensive training on supporting a woman's body during natural labor and birth. This often leads them to opt for what's most convenient for them.
  • In 66% of pregnancies, women are continuously monitored with Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM). However, several studies have demonstrated that women subjected to this monitoring have a higher likelihood of undergoing cesarean surgery or instrumental vaginal birth. This is primarily due to the requirement for pregnant women to remain in a fixed position and the stress induced by the constant sounds and noises from the monitoring device. Additionally, false positives can lead doctors to perform c-sections when they are not genuinely necessary.


What do we dream for you? The freedom to undergo childbirth in tranquility and COMPLETE control over your pregnancy.


Benefit 01

We'll shield you from the anxiety of being coerced into a birthing method you don't desire.

Benefit 02

You'll regain control over your body, discovering how to guide it with the power of your mind.

Benefit 03

You'll savor the marvelous experience that childbirth has the potential to provide.

Benefit 04

You'll have the ability to decide how you want to bring your baby into the world. You will be able to provide your body with the assurance of allowing it to occur naturally, at the appropriate pace, and with the right support, all thanks to the knowledge gained.

Benefit 05

Knowledge is empowering: You'll acquire the skills to tune in to your body and develop the confidence to recognize when it's time to head to the hospital or reach out to your midwife.

Benefit 06

Not only will you be in control of your body, but you'll also have the power to manage your surroundings, ensuring that noisy settings and harsh lighting don't hinder the birthing process.


The Birth Circle

  • All the information you will discover within our community is rooted in evidence. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage with birth professionals, including doulas, midwives, and lactation consultants, who are here, just like you, to stay well-informed about the realm of childbirth.
  • Our aim is to make pregnant women more aware of the strength of their mind and what it can do during childbirth.
  • It was born from Dani's dream of offering future mothers like her a place of aggregation and pregnancy information. 
  • It's not just a place to share; it's a place to receive information and support. 
  • It helps expectant mothers to be more aware of their knowledge and teaches them how to say “NO” to procedures they do not want to receive. 

Other Communities

  • They offer subjective, incomplete, or unhelpful information about childbirth.
  • They focus on the spirit of solidarity, without delving deeper than that.
  • They were born with the intention of enriching their founders.
  • They offer a space where you can share your information with others.
  • They don't support mothers in their relationship with doctors, and they don't provide all the necessary tools for them to refuse unnecessary and invasive procedures during childbirth.

What others are saying about The BIRTH Circle:

The BIRTH Circle is for you…


If you're burdened with a myriad of questions about pregnancy and seek a place to uncover genuine answers.


If you aspire to cultivate inner strength and confidence while embracing the wondrous journey of pregnancy to the fullest.


If you aim to approach natural childbirth with unwavering assurance and tranquility, firmly believing in your ability to succeed.


If you yearn for unceasing, affectionate support, erasing the feeling of solitude that can sometimes accompany your pregnancy.


If you wish to acquire the knowledge and, ultimately, the strength to confidently assert "NO" against the medical procedures that might be imposed upon you during childbirth.


If you aspire to gain a clear understanding of your birthing goals and how to attain them, then look for guidance and support to realize the serene and natural birth you've always envisioned.


Gain the clarity you need to embrace your pregnancy without stress and anxiety and prepare to experience it with complete serenity. 


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