BREAKING NEWS: SB276 Passed By Senate, Moves To Governor Newsom’s Desk

Last night, we saw the Assembly pass SB276 after a third hearing of the bill. The 47 yay vs 17 nay vote came as a surprise when the hearing was bumped up unexpectedly. Only one activist fighting for keeping medical exemptions between patients and their doctors was able to be present on such short notice.


Today, as of just moments ago, the bill was presented on the Senate floor and passed with a vote of 28 yay to 11 nay.


The hearing was brief; in under an hour, with a handful of comments from Senators, the vote was in. Senator Bill Monning compared not vaccinating with running a red light or speeding, which we have laws against because it endangers public safety. There was no regard for the evidence that vaccines can and do cause injury and death. A handful of senators did express concern over the amendment that would limit individual physician’s ability to issue more than five medical exemptions per year — a valid concern since it could cause doctors to hesitate in dishing out exemptions that are indeed needed. Nonetheless, the majority ruled in favor of SB276.


Following Senator Pan’s closing remarks, a five-minute recessed was called due to outpouring from the crowd over the unjust nature of the coming judgment.



What Is SB276?


This bill targets physicians and their patients. Medical providers will no longer be able to issue a medical exemption with sound mind that their duty to that patient has been fulfilled. Instead, it’s the state that will have the ultimate say in whether an individual “qualifies” for a medical exemption.


Who Will Qualify?


Most won’t. But that’s not the issue here. Fans of medical choice aren’t fighting to keep the number of exemptions higher, nor the number of vaccinated persons lower. They’re fighting for medical freedom, because the United States of America is not a nation of people who believe medical procedures, drugs, nor biological should be forced.


Who gets to decide whether a patient’s medical history qualifies for the exemption? Ultimately, the CDC. It’s their Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices that dictates which conditions are contraindicated for vaccinations. Anything falling outside of that scope likely won’t qualify for the exemption.

The Turning Tides


This nation is changing right before our eyes. Today’s adult population — Millennials included, who are normally known for enjoying a good bandwagon — are notably absent.

Many are scared off by the anti-vaccine narrative the media has successfully preached for decades.


But the campaign against medical freedom of choice has certainly highlighted a problem many of us were aware of all along: America is checked out. We’re tuned into screens with censored data that literally brainwashed us as we sit in our living rooms. Ignorance is bliss. It’s no wonder so many don’t see anything wrong going on here. The future of this “great nation” is at stake.


Governor Newsom is expected to sign this bill. Lawsuits are expected to follow. The fight is not over. California, we are with you.

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