Breaking News: SB276 Passes California Assembly, Moves To Senate Floor

SB276 — a bill that targets the medical exemption to vaccines in the state of California by taking it out of a patient’s provider’s hands and putting it into those of the state — has been pushed another notch closer to becoming law.


While we knew that the vote would happen this week, it wasn’t expected today.


As of just moments ago, the third reading of the Senate committee passed this bill with a vote of 47 yay to 17 nay. The bill now moves to the Senate floor for a final vote before it lands on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.



We MUST act now.


Per the Freedom from Mandates Team:

“If this bill becomes a law, it will weaken the fabric of our society and affect us all in three fundamental ways:


(1) harm the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, which is the lynchpin in the ethical and trusted practice of medicine (already suffering under the weight of pharmaceutical conflicts of interest);


(2) put personal and medical privacy and confidentiality at great risk; and


(3) endorse the explicit disregard for and a willingness to subordinate the urgent and sensitive needs of vulnerable populations of children through state-sanctioned coercion of one-size-fits-all medicine.


If you have already emailed and called, do so again TODAY. We need all advocates to both email and call your legislators and Gov. Newsom. The email messages and call script will be there for you (you can personalize if you wish) when you make the calls to your two state legislators and Gov. Newsom.  This allows us to speak with a strong, unified voice.

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