Breastfeeding Supplies

In need of a breast pump? Regular polls inside The BIRTH Circle have shown the Spectra S1 breast pump is still the top fan-favorite out there. The S1 and S2 are identical, except the S1 is rechargeable and doesn’t need to stay plugged in while in use. This may matter to you more later on when you need to pump with a mobile baby on your hands. If your insurance company won’t cover the S1 but will cover the S2, inquire as to whether they’ll pay the amount of the S2 toward the S1 if you pay the difference. Most will!

Silverettes are naturally antibacterial and can help to heal blisters, blebs, and cracked, damaged nipples without any ointments that can contribute to your baby slipping and not latching as deeply and they need to, resulting in more nipple trauma.


The Haakaa has become a hit breastfeeding product over the last few years. Most women find it helping to use to collect milk on one side while pumping or nursing on the other.

We Respect All Parents

We’re all at different places in this journey. Some are years into a more natural lifestyle and have given birth unmedicated many times while others are hoping to accomplish it for the first time. We respect every path each parent walks. All are welcome.

We Love Evidence

The BIRTH Circle is a place to share evidence. That does not mean we don’t discuss opinions and alternative thoughts. But we try to support our claims here and the educational content provided is well-rooted in supportive data.