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Who is dani lasher?

Who is Dani Lasher?

In 2004, Dani Lasher created her first support network for pregnant women. Over the last 17 years, Lasher’s commitment to the most magical beings on earth (women) has been evident through her educative programs covering menstrual concepts and childbirth training. As a mother of four, Lasher keeps busy running her business from home while writing for several reputable publications and homeschooling her children. Besides birth, she is passionate about snowstorms, sushi, and is always up for learning. Dani wants her students to know and understand important information – she likes to say, “if you’re not informed, you can’t agree to informed consent.” She believes the most critical part of the learning process for her students is comprehending expectations and putting that knowledge into practice. Dani desires for all her students to be and feel equipped.

Dani encourages women to reclaim their physical autonomy, embrace body positivity, and welcome the process of birth with bravery! While using evidence-based strategies to make the right choices in prenatal and birthing cases, Dani encourages her students to be fearless while exercising the pregnancy and childbirth processes. With Dani’s professional and caring assistance, women can eliminate their fears and become fierce females. As a professional member of Evidence Based Birth®, Dani receives consistent education on the best practices related to birth. She also partners with Motherboard Birth.

Enroll in Dani’s natural childbirth education program today! Or sign up for the BIRTH Circle and get on the wait list for her parenting education membership – The Parenting Continuum – which is coming soon and will be included in The Village, her censorship-free, social platform.

What Dani Does

Dani coaches women on their mindset and unique approach to pregnancy and motherhood. She recognizes these life stages as blessings but also understands that these circumstances can bring struggles and unexpected challenges. Throughout her years of coaching, she has learned that women often need help with reframing their perception of the mother role, especially during the pregnancy phase.

Dani’s BIRTH Circle membership focuses on teaching women how to strategize and apply birthing techniques with an evidence-based birth plan. The membership also encourages women to learn about their legal rights as mothers and how to interpret research to educate themselves.

A major aspect of Dani’s work educates women to navigate information on these topics so they don’t have to rely on third parties who may only have profitable agendas. 

As a mother herself, Dani teaches women from personal experience and as an educator for women, she trains from an academic standpoint. She wants women to not only understand what changes will occur related to their bodies and babies but the science behind how these transitions happen and why. Dani wants women to walk away from her classes with valuable knowledge of the mechanics of birth and gain insight and applicable wisdom that no other program can offer. With natural childbirth as the ultimate goal for most of her clients, Dani is filled with joy when her students succeed with her help.



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dani is committed to teaching the perfect blend of ancestral wisdom and evidence-based education

We’re all at different places in this journey. Some are years into a more natural lifestyle and have given birth unmedicated many times while others are hoping to accomplish it for the first time. We respect every path each parent walks. All are welcome.

The BIRTH Circle is a place to share evidence. That does not mean we don’t discuss opinions and alternative thoughts. But we try to support our claims here and the educational content provided is well-rooted in supportive data.