How Mom Will Handle Her First Day Home With The Baby Based On The Babys Zodiac Sign

As new moms, we navigate the territory as best we can, knowing that no matter what nature and nurture are both at play. We wonder about the stars. Not the movie stars! We want to know what the stars say about us and our babies. We are scared to realize that our new bouncing baby boy may have a slice of personality due to his astrological sign. As we wonder if we should have, well, planned a little better to maybe have a more agreeable and calm Libra baby instead of an anal Virgo baby, we realize that as with any life situation nothing is perfect and we must adapt.


Knowing a bit more about our baby’s zodiac sign may help prevent a ton of heartache, frustration and despair. We can meet our little one where he is, with his Cancer-sign-inducing crabbiness and all. As new moms, we also find that we can better let things go when we know that sometimes nature has its own way of morphing our little baby into the being that we have no idea how to handle at times. Either way, it can be helpful to know what to expect and how to best take a moment to reflect on how to respond accordingly.

Aquarius Baby (January 20—February 18)

As spontaneous as a newborn baby may not be, moms must not be surprised by their baby even on just the first day. We may feel that we have our baby figured out, how he likes to be held, or how loose to swaddle her only to have the next holding/feeding/swaddling time be completely different.


Aquarians are known to feel energy really well as they are air signs. Mom’s on their first day will be surprised at how our Aquarian newborn is responding to our own energy. If we are slightly anxious and then consciously try to breathe deeply, we will notice our newborn calming down. Aquarians are known to be unpredictable. Moms may be slightly surprised if they try something that worked an hour earlier to soothe their baby, but this time it does not.


Pisces Baby (February 19—March 20)

A Pisces baby is a dreamy baby for sure! While a new mom is busy trying to strategically strike a balance between her needs and her baby’s needs, her baby may be content and in his own world drifting in and out and not seeming to have a care in the world. Mom will likely have her baby’s nursery and sound machine all set up or have soothing ocean sounds playing for naps.


Then this mom of her Pisces baby may begin to worry thinking she cannot figure out her baby’s needs or that her newborn is a little “too calm.” This water baby is taking everything in. While mom tries to navigate his needs, a Pisces baby is becoming in tune with his surroundings and feels safe and happy.


Aries Baby (March 21—April 19)

This fiery little ram sign has our newborn a little impulsive and possibly wired up a bit. Since our baby is acting on biological needs, we take into consideration that the extra high pitched scream or neediness that we did not anticipate may have something to do with our newborn’s Arian personality.


With baby’s domineering personality coming up in his zodiac sign, moms may be a bit taken aback. We may be unsure of exactly what our baby wants or needs and a little curious at how, so early on in life, our little one has developed such a vocal personality. Moms will try the ocean sounds only to find that our little fire sign snuffs out the soundscape bliss that we initially thought would be perfect to calm them.


Taurus Baby (April 20—May 20)

Taurus baby definitely has a stubborn bull personality. Since this is the first day home with her baby, a mom will likely feel frustrated that he is crying so much. Since he’s so new, he does not have a routine yet and therefore, as the mom navigates and troubleshoots why her little guy is so upset, baby becomes annoyed and stubbornly wants his way and only a certain way. Unfortunately, mom has no idea what the way may be quite yet since neither does baby.


Since Taureans love excess and material things, we may find moms overdoing it in certain areas in an effort to meet our little bull where he is at. Mom may cuddle her baby for extra long with ample soft blankets or may rock baby gently, yet excessively.


Gemini Baby (May 21—June 20)

Mom will provide her Gemini baby with ample toys and stimulation on this first day home. She will try to communicate using baby signs right away, and sing tons of songs. If her baby gets too overwhelmed, mom will likely place her newborn in front of the digital aquarium to soothe her anxiety or stimulate her curiosity.


Geminis are adaptable, but also very intellectual and introspective. Mom may have trouble with this thinking her baby is too calm at times or too quiet. Gemini babies can confuse mom at times and it may be no wonder why mom has already read 6 baby books to her newborn on this first day alone. Moms of Gemini babies may also be shocked at how intently their babies stare either at them or something else they are interested in.


Cancer Baby (June 21—July 22)

Mom’s little Cancer baby may be moody by nature, but overall, this little crab will be very happy to be home and with his new family. Mom will be pleasantly surprised by how content her new little peanut is and how intuitive and connected to her he appears to be.


Mom may have a little difficulty when she has to leave the room or do something else for a few if the baby is awake as this could cause some disruption in that bond. This could cause baby to be moody and when mom’s little guy becomes crabby, her bond will only strengthen with her baby’s needs. It may be a good idea to strap on a baby carrier during these times to keep your little water baby happy and connected.


Leo Baby (July 23—August 22)

This fiery Leo baby is active and insightful and loves the arts. Even as a newborn, mom will find that her baby responds well to music and is quite attentive and engaging considering they just came into the world.


Mom will naturally be drawn to her likable little one, even more than just from a biological standpoint. Her Leo baby will be tough at times in the fact that he will want to be the center of attention and sometimes, well, moms just need a little downtime. That intricate balance will come on this first day as mom and baby navigate this active, engaging need. With a Leo baby, moms will definitely keep the music going throughout the day and maybe pop on some Baby Einstein.


Virgo Baby (August 23—September 22)

Let’s face it. Mom’s Virgo baby is a control freak and will want to run the show according to how she wants and needs it. Virgo babies thrive on routine, structure, and knowing what is going on. Even though baby is only a few days old at this point, mom will find herself responding to baby’s cues in a timely, organized fashion to meet the baby where she is at naturally.


Since Virgos have a need to analyze and know what’s going on, mom may find herself talking a lot to her baby and explaining things even though her newborn has no language yet. This fostering of language skills through constant explanation sets the stage for being able to raise a well-adjusted Virgo and will help her baby feel more secure as she understands her new world.


Libra Baby (September 23—October 22)

Baby Libra is a social air sign. Since Libras seem to do well being surrounded by people, mom may find herself unable to step away for even a few moments. Libra babies tend to love people and being around the more the merrier. Mom may take this into consideration by inviting people over to hang out even on her first day back from the hospital.


Even though this newborn Libra will want to sleep lots, she will surely thrive with the invited company and have you wondering if her little smile is indeed just a gas bubble! If mom is too tired for the company, she may decide that it is time to start looking up baby playgroups and other mommy groups in the area. She realizes this baby will keep her on her toes with social engagements!


Scorpio Baby (October 23—November 21)

Scorpio babies can sometimes be intense in their actions and emotions. On the first day home, the Scorpio baby may be extra fussy. They tend to be emotional and can sometimes become ungrounded. For mom’s who have little Scorpion water babies, they may find it necessary to find techniques, even at this super young age, to help babies feel more grounded. In order to help the baby trust his surroundings, mom will need to be predictable and demonstrate this trust to her baby.


Scorpions tend to be loyal, though so even on that very first day, mom will sense the attachment forming that is even beyond basic biological need between them. Moms will also find it helpful to present lots of new scenery throughout this first day (and beyond). Maybe take a short walk or have different activities to help ground baby.


Sagittarius Baby (November 22—December 21)

Sagittarius babies are fire babies with optimistic hearts and love freedom. They do not like to be constricted and mom may notice that the swaddle is a bit too tight when her Sagittarius baby starts to freak out. Overall, these babies are easy-going and love to be going. They cannot sit still.


On this very first day home, mom may find that she is constantly needing to move her baby to a new position or place in new rooms or areas. Sagittarius babies are not the type to just hang out in the swing for hours. They need to see new things, seek out new challenges and don’t love to sit still by any means. Mom may find this difficult and depending upon her own temperament and how tired she is this may be a difficult adjustment. It will be helpful to have another set of hands around the house during these first few days if at all possible.


Capricorn Baby (December 22—January 19)

This air sign baby is very careful and prudent even as an infant. Mom will want to ensure that she is keeping up with baby’s demands and needs. Capricorn babies tend to be practical and ambitioned. Mom will need to provide ample opportunities for her infants to seek out ways to solve problems and puzzles and remain engaged.


With Capricorn babies tending to be advanced in their development, mom will do double takes on her first day all day swearing that her baby just waved or smiled. Mom is sure her Capricorn go-getter baby is a pure genius and struggles to make sure that she can provide achievable goals even on this first day.


Capricorn Baby And Virgo Mom

Since both Capricorn babies and Virgo moms are practical and careful, they will definitely get along well. Baby will keep her mom constantly vigilant as she seeks out new opportunities for learning and desires to be engaged. With development being more on the advanced end of things with Capricorn babies, this will excite Virgos who love things organized, advanced and “just so.”


Mom will be excited to be always putting together a curriculum of sorts to match Capricorn baby’s milestones and developmental progress. She will not only keep up with activities and needs but likely she will have a powerpoint ready for baby to explain every potential risk of playing with a toy that may be more advanced.


Libra Baby And Aries Mom

Libra babies will want to be the center of attention at times and tend to be super social. That will work really well with an Aries mom who always likes to be in the middle of something social herself. Mom will always be looking for the next playgroup, activity or engagement to be a part of. She is a woman of tough love with a core like a marshmallow. She draws others to her with her energy.


This helps the baby out too because Libra babies love being around other people. The socialization aspect of this relationship will thrive and we will likely see these two at Target, at coffee shops, or just hanging out with other moms in a local park singing songs with a guitar. Just don’t pop in to visit because they won’t be home.


Cancer Baby And Pisces Mom

Both of these signs are known to be intuitive. Baby Cancer will thrive on Pisces mom’s ability to always read his needs. Sometimes babies with this sign tend to be a little moody, but Pisces moms can pick up on this and hone in on some good tactics to help her little moody muffin. As long as she is good at providing this intuitively-driven attention, her baby will be happy as long as she is close by. When her baby is happy, mom can then work on her ability to balance out her needs, too. If mom gets a little too overstimulated, this Pisces woman may start to daydream. These two can bond and connect in a way that allows for peace, love, and comfort for both sides.


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