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Mother Gives Birth To Baby Atop Tree—With Toddler In Tow

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May 1, 2019 | Blog

If you haven’t heard the story, brace yourself. Amélia—a native of Mozambique—gave birth to her baby girl completely unassisted. But this wasn’t just any unassisted, natural birth, folks. This rockstar mama had little choice in the matter. While we’re normally all about the mother’s choice, this split-second decision was the best she could’ve made at the time.


Cyclone Idai came into Amélia’s life that day and Mother Nature forever changed things in a way no one could’ve seen coming. Amélia was pregnant and home alone with her two-year-son when she noticed water coming into the house. What’s a mom to do when the lives of her children are in danger? Whatever she has to, of course!


Amélia did just that. Climbing a nearby mango tree with her pregnant belly and toddler in tow, she did what she had to so they could escape the floodwaters below. What happened next will likely be one of the most memorable moments of her life. She gave birth to her daughter, Sara, high atop that fruit tree. Amélia and her children were rescued two days later by neighbors.


Mail & Guardian


Her story serves as proof that—just like Mother Nature—mothers can birth naturally, even within nature, and without help when they want or need to. Birth is a natural event that needn’t disruption or intervention in most cases.


Amélia’s story is similar to that of Rosita Mabuiango, who was also born tree-top in Mozambique during a flood almost two decades ago.


Cyclone Idai is thought to be responsible for over 900 deaths and the displacement of more than 19,000 households. Mozambique has since faced their second cyclone in six weeks’ time. Cyclone Kenneth hit the African country hard with 140mph winds last week and the death count is currently at 38 and expected to increase. Disaster relief is needed as this second storm system is expected to pour out twice as much rainfall as Idai did. Our thoughts are with them at this time and we are pleased to note Amélia and her children are safely residing in another town.


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