You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know About Menstruation

Did you know your menstrual cycle is your roadmap to life?

Did you know it’s filled with clues about your well-being and acts as a compass to direct you on which decisions to make?

Did you know women have healed from PMS, PMDD, Endometriosis, PCOS, and more by learning and using this ancient knowledge?

Join The MENSTRUAL Circle, a women-only community that provides support and ancient wisdom for a natural approach to your cycle - and it's far from just your period. You don't have to loathe that "time of the month" if you know what to do with it! Your cycle should be helping you thrive! Come learn how!

Menstruation is one of the most magical experiences in a woman's life, and yet it has been vilified for years - and women everywhere have bought into that lie.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Years ago, men in medicine thought they knew what was best for women’s health. Just as they decided sedated childbirth was an ideal experience and removed the truth about natural birth from medical school textbooks, they did the same with menstruation. 

They saw no need for women to be attuned to their bodies or understand the cycle's many purposes (it is much more than periods and pregnancy, ladies!). Instead, they reshaped the way future generations of women would see their bodies and how they operate — and they did that by medicalizing menstruation

We often say that childbirth is the most natural and common human experience women go through, but this again slights what all women go through far more often than childbirth…menstruation! And not just your period, but the whole cycle from Day 1 through to the next bleed. 

That cycle takes you through four distinct seasons, and most women miss this because they weren’t taught the language or how to observe them. Nor were they taught why it’s important to understand what causes cyclical dysfunction like painful periods, clots, and mood swings.

Guess what? Hormones are *not* the root cause. They’re your friend, and they’ve been mislabeled to condition you to loathe them.

Just as the hormonal cascade during natural childbirth should not be disrupted, nor should the hormonal cascade during your cycle. But much of what we do in our daily lives wrecks our cycle — and this goes far beyond the typical things most women think about, such as their diet, household toxin exposure, or period products.

While those things do matter, they’re the tip of the iceberg and still rooted in Western medicine-minded thinking.

I want to introduce you to the Cycle Path. Let’s start by explaining what the Cycle Path is not.

The Cycle Path is not FAM or NFP. I’m not teaching you birth control methods. That’s been done, and done well. If you need a crash course into natural pregnancy protection or family planning, I highly recommend this book.

The Cycle Path is not seed cycling or a diet plan.

The Cycle Path is not focused on helping you prevent pregnancy or achieve it, although using the Cycle Path may lead to you reaching said goals if you have them.

So if it’s not all of the things you may have already heard about…"what is it," right?

The Cycle Path is a term I’ve coined to describe the cyclical roadmap that lives within you. It’s within each of us as women, and it won’t look the same for you as it does for someone else.  

Working with me, you can learn what that looks like, how to understand what your cycle is communicating to you, and how to use your cycle to truly thrive in all aspects of your life!

You might be more natural-minded, and you might even think you knew all there was to know about your cycle. I find most women who believe that merely don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know they’re missing the entire other half of the book on their cycle, because they were told what they learned was complete.

Some women go on to self-educate beyond what health class teaches them in the mainstream. They may learn about monitoring their cervical mucus and position for fertility, and this extra knowledge further conditions them to believe they know it all. But most of us are barely scratching the surface when it comes to menstrual knowledge.

If you don’t know your cycle is impacted by more than food and drink, but that empty relationships, a job you hate, the wrong work schedule, and more could be causing some cycle-related issues…

If you don’t know light, noise, and engagement with others can both help and hinder your well-being based on where you are in your cycle…

If you don’t know your response to your hormones in the luteal phase is actually a direct reflection of your mind and body’s true response to your life choices…

If you don’t know you move through four phases of who you are each cycle, and also move through four phases of who you grow into throughout your life…

If you don’t know the activities (including work) you engage in are supposed to intentionally fluctuate based on where you are in your cycle for you to achieve and maintain wellness…

Then you don’t know the whole truth about your cycle. I invite you to learn it! 

Ready to know more?

Join Dani's Menstrual Community  and learn alongside and from other women who are looking to take their cyclical knowledge to the next level! 

Many women are conditioned from a young age to expect their periods to be traumatic - from the time of menarche all the way through menopause. They're told it will bring pain and suffering. They're told there is nothing inherently good about it, but it will enable them to have children and thus, it's a sacrifice women must make for the sake of motherhood. But menstruation serves a much larger purpose in our lives - to guide us in making the right choices so that we can be the best women, friends, entrepreneurs, employees, partners, and mothers possible. Seriously. Tell a woman that changing the hours she works in follicular and luteal could change her life, and watch it change. Tell her how to love and honor her cycle, and watch her ditch the labels she previously identified it with.

But before we proceed, who am I to talk to you about this?

Hello my dear friend,

my name is Dani Lasher

and I'd like to share more about myself and my story with you.

Today, I'm a mother of five children and counting, and I suffered from menstrual disturbances for years that were so severe - most people had never heard of someone like me.

My first period was normal, and they continued that way for many years. I never suffered from a day of "PMS" in my life...until I was catapulted into a life where I barely had any days free from it. 

PMDD is what they call it, and they claim it's incurable without a hysterectomy. But here I am, free of every last symptom for years and continuing to have babies and embrace the beauty of the cycle I was once convinced to hate. Big mistake. 

I explored various communities and paved the way for many other sufferers to find the like-minded sufferers they were seeking - becoming a pioneer in all things PMDD.  I doubt I would have ended up where I am without that experience but I also wouldn't be where I am if I had refused to let go of what I thought I knew.

I learned the truth about menstruation - and that led me to unravel many lies that are covering it up. PMDD was just one lie I had been clinging to. Along the way, I've met many other women who have healed from PMDD, Endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, and so much more. Not only have we recovered from these ailments, but we are thriving and loving our cycles. You can too.

This has been a long time coming.

The biggest problem I've found around women and their periods is a lack of truthful information.

They've got pieces of it, but not the whole puzzle. 

It's why I always emphasize to my girlfriends, 'You don’t know what you don’t know.'

The concept of The Menstrual Circle is rooted in my desire for the whole truth. I am living a beautiful life that I would not have if it hadn't been for the brazen women who came before me and dared to tell me the truth - and separate it from the lies.

The most critical part of taking this journey toward menstrual wisdom is that we have to be comfortable with having been wrong, confronting our fears, and healing. Believe it or not, not everyone is.


The Menstrual Circle isn't your standard online community. It's a space to share the most vulnerable sides of ourselves. Yes, there will be blood. You will feel challenged by the truth. It will take time to see yourself in other women because you are always changing.

Alongside a monthly newsletter, you'll get bonus access to our community of women who desire the truth - just like you.

My goal is to dish out information that you won't find searching Google.

While you might hear about such topics, the nitty gritty of The Cycle Path is far more about the spiritual and cognitive connection we have to our biology. For some women, that'll be the Source of everything or their God; for others, they may resonate with Mother Nature. I'm not here to tell you where the "Divine Feminine" comes from. I'm here to tell you it exists and how you can tap into it to start seeing more success and good health in your life.

Toss out your preconceived notions about what that term - Divine Feminine - means.

It's not "woo." It's not specific to a religion or lack thereof. It's not witchcraft or magic (okay, I might think women are kind of magical).

Menstruation is the essence of being female. It is not unclean. It is not a burden. It is not inconvenient. If you believe any of those things, I believe you've been indoctrinated.

Want to hear the other side?


Join Dani's Menstrual Community  and learn alongside and from other women who are looking to take their cyclical knowledge to the next level! 

What doctors often don't disclose:

  • In the United States, c-sections are performed in 31% of cases. However, numerous studies suggest that only 10% of women actually require them.
  • Doctors face pressure from insurance companies to promote medicalized births, even when it's unnecessary. Consequently, they frequently act in their own self-interest. Misleading statistics are sometimes presented to pregnant women to induce fear, coercing them into certain procedures.
  • A mere handful of doctors in the U.S. were ever trained on how to correctly measure hormones - which should be done in tandem ratios. Mainstream doctors and labs that provide results of "high" or "low" hormone levels based on individual readings - not comparing them to one another - are unreliable.
  • Hormonal imbalance is one of the most widely misunderstood concepts in women's health - both by practitioners and women. Hormones will balance themselves in the right environment. Supplements and hormones (even bioidentical) that aim to balance hormones are bandaids that do not address the root cause.


Here's a sneak peek into a bit of what The Cycle Path digs into...

Did You Know?

Hormones don't go awry on their own.

Sorry to burst this bubble, but we are the primary cause of our hormonal responses. This is actually great news. This means you do actually have control over the situation!

The body and mind really are one.

By now, you'd think we'd get this, but we don't. I talk to "crunchy" women all the time - natural birthers and many who think they're real "moon maidens." And yet, they still default to thinking their cycle is mostly connected to things like diet and exercise. The Cycle Path gets you out of that Western-medicine mindset

Trauma is huge.

We're willing to entertain this when it comes to addiction, mental health problems, and so many other ailments - but women completely miss the boat when it comes to their cycles. YES, a ton of women with menstrual dysfunction are actually suffering from unresolved trauma - and YES, the problems go away when they finally figure it out and heal.

We can't lie to ourselves.

This touches a bit on the mind and body being one again, but we'll take it a lot farther. No one will be holding you accountable, tracking progress through mundane courses (there aren't any!), or telling you what to do. I can only guide you based on my years of experience in this community and what I know to be true. What you do with what you learn is up to you, if you're ready to receive it.

Everyone isn't ready for this.

I get hate mail for sharing this truth. I'm not kidding. I suck it up because I get it. Once upon a time, I was the one sending the same angry responses to the alleged out-of-touch menstrual teachers that I insisted didn't understand what I was going through. They actually understood better than I did, but I wasn't ready to see it yet. If you're angered by anything on this page, I'd encourage coming back next year to see how you feel. It's okay. This is a journey.

This isn't the blame game.

I know it may sound that way, but wherever we can take responsibility, we gain control. You don't have to be a victim of your cycle. It's a gift, I promise, but no one has taught you how to receive it yet.


The Menstrual Circle

  • Guidance on healthy menstrual products and practices.
  • Dani's goal is to ensure women know they hold all the power they need to have a better cycle experience, better success in their personal and professional lives, and better overall health.
  • It sprang from Dani's desire to share her personal experience being in the shoes of women in insufferable pain, and coming out into a better life.
  • It's not just a place to vent; it's a place to receive information and support to change how you see and treat your cycle, which can change your overall health and well-being.
  • Women absorb the knowledge they need to start understanding what their bodies and minds are telling them they need. Yes, your cycle talks to you. You just don't know the language yet. You'll learn it here!

Other Female-Based Communities

  • They offer subjective, incomplete, or unhelpful information about their own cycles and think it applies to everyone.
  • They're often an echo chamber to commiserate, which is great for a time but rarely leads to actual healing. It often actually delays such.
  • They don't help women navigate the myriad of unnecessary medical procedures that may be prescribed, offered, or even pushed.
  • They don't offer women the truth about those medical interventions, or the transparency of knowing there are other options that may serve them better with less risk.
  • They often promote unsafe menstrual products and practices. Pro tip: menstrual cups might be all the rage, but they're not good for you or your cycle. "Better than the worst option" does not inherently mean it's best, ladies.

The Menstrual Circle is for you…


If you're curious, have questions about your cycle, and seek a place to uncover ancient wisdom that your mother or grandmother didn't impart.


If you are looking ways to connect with the most feminine parts of yourself more deeply and find out what that can do for you.


If you crave the truth beyond the lies.


If you long to understand why your mood, brainpower, and appetite change with your cycle - and how your hormones aren't actually to blame.


If you want to learn how to craft a brand new relationship with your mind, body, and spirit as a woman.


Gain the clarity you need to embrace your cycle without fear, disgust, or loathing - and get ready to experience menstruation and beyond as the life-changing experience it was always meant to be. 


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