Urgent Call To Action Against Mandatory Vax Bill As Vaccine Risk Video Continues To Go Viral

*UPDATE: Voting for SB276 was moved up without warning this evening. Just moments ago, it was passed by the Assembly. You can read more on this here.

A group of stealthy tech geniuses and vaccine risk awareness advocates are taking Facebook by storm with a viral video that asserts vaccines cause grave injury in numbers larger than we really know… and YOU can help them. Here’s how.


Via: Freedom From Mandates Project


Today — just 12 days after its release — this video is still rolling with nearly 20K shares and well over a million people being reached. It seems the community comprised of vaccine injury parents and “woke” Americans is a force to be reckoned with, and larger than the media wants us to be aware of.


Spread The Word


The people behind this movement are a true powerhouse and they’re fighting hard to keep freedom of choice alive in this country. They need your help in spreading the message far and wide. We all know that political fires tend to start in California and spread nationally. This effort began as a call to action for California just days before an important appropriations hearing for SB276 — a bill aimed at allowing the government to sever the private physician-patient relationship.


While many falsely believe that vaccines are necessary for children to attend school, medical exemptions from vaccines have always been permitted in every state across the nation, because it has never actually been a complete secret that vaccines cause injuries. If passed, this bill would take the right to have the final say on such exemptions out of private physicians’ hands. Instead of taking your child to the doctor you know well — who knows your child well, you’d be forced to ask the state whether they’ll permit or deny the exemption.


Via: Freedom From Mandates Project


Can we really trust that a review process of this nature will effectively take into account individual patient history, as well as family health history? To add insult to injury, it’s the CDC who has determined which contraindications exist for vaccines, thereby nixing many conditions from the list that existing individuals have medical exemptions for. What would happen to those exemptions? Californians would be required to submit their already-existing exemption for a review process, in which the government-appointed official can revoke it.


Does this sound like the land of the free? It doesn’t to me. But what this video proves is that we are the home of the brave. Do not stay silent. This is not a time for fear. You are not alone in this fight. The people of American need your help in securing the future of liberty for generations to come. Are you with us?


Voice Your Concerns


As an activist with a personal history in this movement, I know how many of you are worried about this. My inbox gets flooded with these concerns quite regularly — especially this year. California, we are with you. Fellow Americans, please remember that even if you aren’t a resident of Cali, what plays out there is setting the stage for your state. No one is safe, and there is no running from this issue. What we can do is capitalize on this issue, and it starts right now.

Via: Freedom From Mandates Project


Call to Action from the Freedom For Mandates Team:


NEWSFLASH: The Appropriations Committee moved SB276 (nearly eliminates medical exemptions to vaccines) out of the suspense file on 8/30.  We expect the Cal. Assembly to vote on whether SB276 will become law this week or next.


The Appropriations Committee moved SB276 out of the suspense file on 8/30.  The Cal. Assembly will vote soon.  If it passes, it will likely pass in the Senate too and go to Gov Newsom’s desk.  We must stop one-size-fits-all medicine from being legislated in California.  If this bill becomes a law, it will weaken the fabric of our society and affect us all in three fundamental ways:


(1) harm the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship, which is the lynchpin in the ethical and trusted practice of medicine (already suffering under the weight of pharmaceutical conflicts of interest);


(2) put personal and medical privacy and confidentiality at great risk; and


(3) endorse the explicit disregard for and a willingness to subordinate the urgent and sensitive needs of vulnerable populations of children through state-sanctioned coercion of one-size-fits-all medicine.


If you have already emailed and called, do so again TODAY. We need all advocates to both email and call your legislators and Gov. Newsom. The email messages and call script will be there for you (you can personalize if you wish) when you make the calls to your two state legislators and Gov. Newsom.  This allows us to speak with a strong, unified voice.


Thank you to the advocates at Stand for Health FreedomParents United 4 Kids, Del Bigtree with The HighWire, GreenMedInfo, Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Bob Sears the Freedom from Mandates Team, and the countless number of you who continue to share this message.





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