How are we feeling about the most recent update to the CDC guidelines on Breastfeeding and Birth in the time of Covid?


  1. Sarah Jones

    I understand that SOME cases of COVID-19 can be more severe than others, but it just makes me wonder what kind of psychological issues these babies might have to deal with when they are older, because their bonding experiences were affected by their parents/care givers wearing masks. Also I personally will not mask my children. I fear human trafficking WAY more than I fear a virus. But also I haven’t been taking my children out to the store etc. since this started. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Avatar photo Dani Lasher, Childbirth Educator

      That’s a very valid point. It doesn’t make logical sense to me to stay six feet apart from your baby. They need the human touch and microbial contact. It is so important at that stage.

  2. Shawna V

    I wonder if the studies they base their info on are as solid (or rather weak) as other recommendations they make. The study I read a while back regarding COVID-19 had greater number of hospitalizations for pregnant women but they didnt keep track of the reason for hospitalization…did they go into labor? Did they just go to check on baby? Were symptoms more severe? I also heard premature labors in some countries have been fewer then usual during COVID which makes me question if COVID is really the cause of the premature labor in the cases where pregnant women test positive COVID and happen to also go into labor prematurely or if it is coincidence. Not saying it is, I just would like to see some solid studies behind CDC recommendations for once.

    Masks with children seems like it would be terribly damaging. Children need to see their caregivers faces, expressions etc for development. They need touch. Babies need skin to skin. We know this.

    I had a respiratory illness when I had my son in 2019. They offered a mask for me in the hospital which I declined. My son breastfed and never got it. He got sick several times before the age of 1 but overall seems to have a much stronger immune system then his sister. Im sure there are lots of factors but i cant help but wonder if early immune system priming while being pumped with antibodies through my breastmilk didnt contribute. 🤷

    1. Rebecca Brown

      I also read that there have been less premature births. I wondered if it was because there were less doctor visits and therefore less poking and prodding.
      Some think mothers are resting more at home but it was opposite for me. I worked a very physical job all summer until about a month ago..landscaping/gardening. I’m at 39 weeks now. 😁

  3. Ashley Steele

    I don’t agree with their recommendations. Especially for your newborn that was just inside of your body. They need skin to skin, to see your face, and definitely breastfeed whether you are sick or not. You will be their best protection at teaching their body how to combat illness and this virus if you happen to have it. If your symptoms were so severe you couldn’t maybe have someone help you but for most I don’t think you should ever distance, barricade, or mask yourself away from your baby.

  4. Rebecca Brown

    First off, is,CDC trustworthy?
    I thought pregnant women usually had mild symptoms. If info keeps changing, hard to trust.
    Wearing a mask during breastfeeding? I don’t wear masks period because they are not healthy for a variety of reasons.
    I’m still having visitors as usual, with hand washing and no face kissing, as usual for a newborn. If your sick with anything, stay home because we’re all too tired to get sick. Lol

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