Who’s had time to go through the NORA research file? Any questions? Any feedback? I wanted to start out gentle and not overwhelm anyone but you can expect a good bit of the research files you receive here to be more dense and on tougher topics. Adjuvants, acetaminophen, FER and more are on the way!


  1. Sarah Jones

    I read it! It was good information. I hadn’t done much research on it myself, but did know that it was more highly recommended than the RRL tea in the FB group. Even though I didn’t read any of the research links I appreciate that they are there for me to look at later. 🙂

    1. Avatar photo Dani Lasher, Childbirth Educator

      Yep. I haven’t seen any reports of issues with the Earth Mama brand yet either despite it having spearmint for flavor. It’s highly beneficial throughout our reproductive years and in larger doses during menstruation can really improve menstrual health issues.

    1. Avatar photo Dani Lasher, Childbirth Educator

      I’d always recommend making sure your provider is okay with any new routine, herbal or otherwise, but generally it’s seen as safe from 16 weeks on and often sooner for those without history of preterm labor as RRL is a uterine tonic. More of a better safe than sorry measure I think. I personally drink it all the time, pregnant, not pregnant, breastfeeding.. first trimester too.

  2. Brett Werst

    I did and am planning on switching to NORA tea next time! One bit of feedback – the thin font you chose and the density of the watermark on the background made it difficult to read on mobile. A thicker font and/or a more faded watermark would make it easier to read. 🙂

  3. Sydney Harvey

    Super excited for the FER. Would like to download the NORA file, but it just isn’t working for me. It’ll only do the first 2 pages for me. Odd. Would definitely like to be able to either download or print the files. ❣️ I’m a hard copy person, lol.

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