by Dani Lasher


October 6, 2020 | The Birth Circle

Experienced moms, how long were you in labor with your first baby?

  • I’m not sure if 1 baby counts as experienced, but my water broke at 3 am and she was born at 5:09, (14 ish hours) not the whole time was “active” as my contractions didn’t start until they started pitocin later in the morning (8-9 am). Hoping the second is the same or faster and no pitocin. Fingers crossed.

  • 1st – water broke and contractions started, 2am and she was born at 8pm (with almost 3 hours of pushing) so around 15 hours.
    I had an epidural and pitocin though 🙁

    My second was spontaneous labor with contractions starting around 8pm, maybe a little earlier but I dismissed them as BH. He was born at 4:55am after 5 minutes of pushing 😂 unmedicated. 9 hours but only around 5 was difficult active labor. My births were night and day.

  • My first was 5 hours. My second was 20 hours and my third was about 25. All of them were natural, unmedicated births, but the difference is that my first began with my waters breaking whereas with the other two my water didn’t break til one or two contractions before the baby was born.

  • My water broke 4 hours before contractions started. 10 hours of labor including 4 hours of pushing. 14 hours between water breaking and baby’s birth.

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