1. Sydney Harvey

    Only 99% of the people I told. My husband is my biggest supporter and my daughter is actually extremely supportive. But everyone else thinks I’m ridiculous. Oh well. I did it once, I can do it again. 💪🏼

  2. Emily Yarber

    My mom and MIL are both just scared. My mom is definitely coming around to the idea of me having a homebirth with a midwife. She has been a nurse for 42 years but has been very open to everything I have been showing her. She is impressed with the midwives that I chose (a CPM and a traditional/granny midwife.) She is even supportive of not vaccinating. Her and my step dad will not be getting the flu shot this year. (My mom linked an MMR vaccine to a bunch of autoimmune like issues that she developed after I told her to get her shot records)
    My mother in law is still very much in the mindset of hospital birth and vaccinating. Keeps mentioning different ObGYN’s that her friends “just really love,” etc. insists she isn’t judging, just wants us to be safe. Little does she know that the hospital is the worst place for me to be.
    Okay, rant over…lol.

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