1. Sydney Harvey

    Third pregnancy, third time I’m pretty put off meat. Usually it’s all meats, but this time it’s any alone meat. Like a breast or steak. But I’ll eat a minced meat pie, lasagna, goulash, taco bowl. Basically, hide the meat like I’m a child and I’ll eat it. 😅 But I’m CRAVING blintzes 😍

  2. Jennifer Vargas

    Yeah I don’t care for meat right now. More specifically, beef. Although yesterday a bologna Sandwich sounded so good. With mustard and mayo. Bread smashed and it getting stuck to the roof of my mouth. Lol. I didn’t have it but I’ve thought if it. For a week I was eating cereal. That’s pretty much it this time around. With my first it was Mountain Dew and the good ice. So I say now it’s an improvement

  3. Emily Yarber

    No cravings specifically yet, but I’m sure they are coming! For now I am not wanting much until at least noon. And then it’s anybody’s ballgame. I can say I want something and then 2 seconds later it is repulsive. Lol (7 weeks).

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