Experienced moms: where did you have your last baby and what was that birth like? Is there anything you want to do differently next time if you’re planning on more littles?


  1. Sarah Jones

    I had baby #4 in hospital with midwives, unmedicated/natural. It was good experience I loved it, but this time we are with midwives at a free standing birth center. I had wanted to go with them before, but because I didn’t have a regular Doctor managing my low potassium (which has now been diagnosed as Gitelman’s Syndrome by my Holistic NP) I risked out. This time it’s being managed by my amazing NP and so, they were able to take me. So, this time I am looking forward to the more homelike environment of the birth center.

  2. Avatar photo Dani Lasher, Childbirth Educator

    My most recent was born at home and I think next time I’d like to be able to catch him better on my own. This time around FER was very intense and I stayed upright on my knees the whole time but he sort of floated backward with the cord as he exited and so my midwife scooped him up as the water kind of pulled him away from me.

  3. Brett Werst

    My last birth was a home birth VBAC turned caesarean. There’s not much that I actually could do differently next time… it’ll have to be in the hospital and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a VBA2C friendly provider but I’m going to do everything that I did this time and pray for the natural birth I’ve been trying for since I got pregnant the first time.

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