Did you always want to be a mother?


  1. Emily Yarber

    Nope! I said for most of my life that I wasn’t going to have kids. When I met my now husband things definitely changed. I just saw what a great father he would be and when I asked if he had to chose between having a kid now (less than a year into our relationship) and never having kids his answer was definitely to have a kid now. That’s when I knew I couldn’t keep parenthood from him. And I knew I couldn’t be without him. The thought of a child has grown on me throughout the years but I am still a little unsure how good of a mom I will be. But I know my back-up will be wonderful. Almost 7 years into our relationship, 2 years of marriage and I am 12 weeks along and very excited. 🥰

  2. Samallama

    When I was a kid and teen, absolutely. Then I learned how messed up the world is and decided I never wanted to bring a child into this world. I decided I wanted to have the financial means to do what I wanted and the freedom to just go. It was about 5-6 years of this. I was then dating this guy who told me he felt the reason I wasn’t truly happy in life was because I was destined to be a mother. He may have been partially right but I wasn’t happy because he was a narcissistic, poor excuse for a man. Now I’m married to a man a met in high school and 28w4d with my baby boy. I’m beyond excited to become a mom in approximately 12 weeks.

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