Who’s had a medicated birth and a natural birth? What were the differences between the two?


  1. Sydney Harvey

    🙋🏼‍♀️ my first was induced at 41+5, delivered vaginally after 52hrs of contractions. Over the course of those 52 hours, the interventions went like this:
    Cervadil + Foley bulb
    More oxygen
    Second epidural (as the first was misplaced, this one was also, and completely paralyzed half my body)
    Then delivery
    And 72 stitches

    My second was two days of light contractions, then a doctor calling me to tell me that I was going to put my baby in distress and harm him if I didn’t get induced (I was 41+4). Labor stopped entirely. Went in to the hospital because I thought I killed my baby (so terrified by this doctor). They have me a dose of cytotec. Then I had IV fluids. And delivered baby the next morning. After arguing with them all night about how I was not going to get any pitocin.

    All and all, healing and connection was 10x better with my second. Nursing was easier. I was up and walking around right after. I felt good. And had minimal PPA, where with my first I had severe PPD and PPA. So, all in all much better experience. But still not best. Hoping for better this time. ❤️

  2. Tiffany Mangum

    I have! My first I had an epidural and it took me months to heal and to feel normal. I literally felt like I was out of my body. My last two was unmedicated and my heal time was faster. I have more energy and overall just feel more myself. I honestly also feel such a deep connection having a natural labor instantly as well.

  3. Sarah Jones

    First 3 were epidural hospital births. Thankfully none induced. Even though one was supposed to be. My first was 12hrs. But, I was very uneducated and scared of the pain. So, I got Epidural which eventually stalled labor and led to Pitocin. I was completely numb, and couldn’t really feel when to push, so they started me pushing really early. I was happy to have him here, felt really disconnected. Had bad ppd/PPA and was on medication until after my next birth.
    The other 2 weren’t as bad, both were epidural but neither had Pitocin, but I was getting a lot of fluids and had hard pregnancy with 2nd. I Know 2nd was better because my nurse was amazing and helped me move from one side to other to get baby in better position. 3rd my water broke on it’s own instead of doctor rupturing. Which was nice.
    4th I was a ton more educated chose midwives in hospital mostly for the perks of laboring in shower, no IV, and nicer birth room, lol. But it was such a bonding connecting thing for my husband and I. I had hired a doula, but my husband was my main support. It was nice to have more options and not just the assumption of an epidural. It was so much more satisfying and an easier recovery than my other births. I also have felt a great connection with my youngest than I remember having with the others. I also loved the postpartum support of the midwives, coming to my home for the 24 hr hearing and PKU test was nice.

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