1. Sydney Harvey

    Eh. Kinda? I don’t know how much labels really matter in the grand scheme of things. This is one of those questions that my gut reaction is, “who cares?!”. Was it a good labor? Did mama feel empowered? Did it help? All right. I mean, personally, yes I would say it was medicated. But also that I could see why someone would say a natural birth.

    I think the birth community is split between people who think medicated is ANY medical intervention and people who think medicated just means an epidural.

  2. Emily Yarber

    I would say yes. But that’s because it makes me feel relaxed at first and then if I’m on too much nitrous then my vision starts blacking out and I have an anxiety attack kinda thing. And that’s what happens with other recreational substances that I have had in the past. I am in the dental world and it can definitely make people throw up/get super hyper/relaxes some people and can make people forget what happened. I would not want it during my labor.

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