Anyone else have children whose birthdays have been similar? My first and second were born spontaneously, exactly 13 months apart – both on the 19th. My third was due 12/19 but arrived on 12/18 via induction when I’d been laboring for a few days already. I’ll always wonder if he would’ve come on the 19th! LOL <3 Then baby number four was due the 21st, and came on the 26th 🙂


  1. Amanda Hunt

    My daughters will be 2 years apart almost to the day. My first was born on 1/22 and my second is due 1/13–but I went late with baby 1-due date was originally 1/16, so we are waiting to see just how close they will get.

  2. Charlene Sondrol

    My oldest and my youngest babes birthdays are November 5th and November 6th. My youngest daughters birthday is December 4th and my birthday is December 5th. The only one of my babies who has a whole birth month to herself is my Eva- second babe born June 20th 💜💜

    We are TTC our fifth baby now, I’m hoping for a September/October baby 💜 fingers crossed we have a sticky bean this month (just ovulated a day ago!)!

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