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  1. Linnae

    We told family right away, and tell friends as it comes up, but decided not to announce on social media (DH isn’t on soc anyway). It just seems silly to me to announce to all these people I know but don’t really have an active relationship with (Like they write happy birthday on my wall once a year but other than that we never talk lol) …Cuz then they suddenly want to be up in your business now there’s a baby and they all have advice and opinions I can live without 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Sarah Jones

    1st- friends and family (besides my mom, and Aunt who’s a nurse and worked with OB/GYNs) 12ish weeks
    2nd – 10ish weeks
    3rd – 12
    4th – 8-10 (showed really early) (lost at 12 weeks)
    5th – 10-12
    6th – 8

    my 4th I felt different about and didn’t really want to tell people, but my husband was telling everyone, and then we had a missed miscarriage so. I was glad sad but glad that people knew and could/would offer help. I think it’s interesting though I knew something wasn’t quite right and I didn’t want to tell people and we had our miscarriage.

  3. Janelle Barnett

    We waited til at least 12 weeks with all my kids. After family/close friends were informed, we would create a post for social media. In some cases, we didn’t post on social media until we did a gender reveal.

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